Broadband and Communications

We can supply various types of communication solutions, including fixed line analogue telephony, ADSL broadband, FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) broadband, Ethernet broadband (including Gigabit speeds with Full Fibre).

We also provide Voice Over Internet (VoIP) telephony solutions, allowing phone calls to be made over internet connections, bringing lower equipment costs together with reduced call costs. VoIP is particularly useful if you have multiple sites in your business, as calls between sites are internal calls and, therefore do not incur call costs. Employees can also be enabled to have access to their office number on a mobile phone while out of the office, if desired.

The pbx for a VoIP system can either be located in an office, when the software would usually be installed on an inexpensive server or, can be hosted in a cloud data centre. In either event, the customer has full control over the configuration of the VoIP system, including DDI, Voicemail, Ring (or Hunt) Groups, Queues and more.

The pbx can be customised to suit your business requirements and, there is a choice of VoIP handsets and softphone clients which come with the pbx. We can even configure handsets on an individual basis.

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All communications solutions are subject to the availability and provisioning of the appropriate services at the desired location(s).