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Wireless Networks For Home And Business

We can advise on and install wireless (or Wi-Fi) networks for your business or home requirements. By installing a wireless network facility you are no longer limited to a fixed location in your premises, perhaps even getting access outside e.g. in your garden.

Deploying wireless can be as simple as pluging in wireless access equipment (router or access point) and ensuring that the workstations can communicate via this securely.

Wireless access can be used simply to allow the use of laptops from locations where a fixed network connection either does not exist or cannot be provided. Further up the scale wireless networks can be used both to provide secure access for employees and, by having a type of sub wireless network, also allow public access to the internet but no access to the private company network.

Depending upon the complexity of wireless solution required and the physical location e.g. distance, thickness of walls etc, a comprehensive wireless survey may be required.

The possibilities of wireless are many, of which these are just some.

  • Connect two physically separate but geographically close premises to a single network.
  • Hotels or Guesthouses may wish to provide internet access for their guests. Facilities to allow for charging for use can be allowed for in the  wireless solution .
  • Professional offices wishing to provide internet access for their visitors.