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Wireless Networks For Business

In business wireless networks are generally used for allowing access to the company network to mobile workers e.g. sales personnel who are out of the office a lot, or workers who are not based in any specific location. Also many businesses are wishing to make wireless access available to their visiting clients. We will happily advise on these or, indeed, any other networking issues you be looking for assistance with.

Hotels and guest-houses are also utilising wireless (Wi-Fi) to provide internet access for their guests. We can advise on solutions for this as well.

Wireless Networks For The Home

There are a number of solutions available to provide wireless internet access.

The most basic is a wireless router that enables you to get an internet connection and share it with multiple computers with wireless adapters.

To extend the range of your network we would suggest one of the following options. An additional wireless access point which is connected to the original router by cable. Another option is the HomePlug system which transmits data over the normal household electricity wiring from the router to a remote adaptor which can supply a wireless signal. This is generally the most convenient solution as it normally does not require additional cabling.

General Considerations

Depending upon the complexity of wireless solution required and the physical location e.g. distance, thickness of walls etc, a comprehensive wireless survey may be required.

Wireless Security - A wireless network should always be secured to the highest level of which your equipment is capable. An unsecured wireless network is an invitation to anybody who can pick up your wireless signal, to make use of your internet connection. This could generate unwanted traffic which could impair your use of broadband, possibly allow an intruder to access your systems, or worse, if illegal content is accessed by unknown parties, you could be required to explain your internet usage as the usage would probably be traced back to your internet connection. There is of course the exception where one wishes to provide access to the public, in the case of a business, and there are steps that would be taken to mitigate such problems in these cases.


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