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Meadows Directory Offer

We are currently offering a FREE wireless security survey to receipients of the Meadows Directory in Edinburgh. This is to help ensure that people are properly protected against the use of wireless networks by those who do not have permission to access a wireless network. Should someone be able to access an improperly protected wireless network then you would not know easily what they were using your internet connection for. If this were unfortunately to happen it would most probably be traced back to your internet connection, leaving you to explain why possibly illegal content was being accessed from your connection.

Our survey will allow us to advise you whether your wireless network is suitably secured and, if not we can advise on action that should be taken to remedy the situation, completely without obligation or charge.

If your wireless network does need secured and you should wish us to carry out the work for you, we would be happy to setup or amend security on one wireless router and up to three connected devices for a flat fee of £30 + VAT. 

To contact us about this or to arrange an appointment for your FREE wireless security survey, either click here for our response page or, call us on 0131 202 0329.

Terms & Conditions

1)  Connected devices means wireless routers, Wireless Access Points, Homeplugs, Wireless Printers or Windows PC's (Windows XP and above).

2)  All usernames and passwords must be available prior to work commencing, if not available then we regret that any work will be carried out at our normal rates, available on application.