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IT Services For The Home

Wireless Networking

For solutions to enable easier use of your computers around your home please click here to visit the home section of our wireless solutions page.


For computer systems, printers, networking equipment etc we will provide quotations based upon the specification supplied by the customer as well as their budget. This allows us to recomend the most up to date solutions appropriate for the client's requirements. Although we do have preferred brands that we normally deal with, we can obtain equipment from most of the major suppliers, should this be a preference. We also provide an installation service to our customers in the Edinburgh area and will happily install or setup equipment even if not purchased from us.

We can supply desktop pc's, laptops or notebooks, netbooks, printers, networking equipment, scanners together with various other types of ancillary equipment.

Computer Repairs/Upgrades

For desktop PC's we offer a range of upgrades as well as software and hardware repairs. We can generally recover corrupted systems or those that have been damaged by viruses or other malware. It a system has suffered a physical fault or damage, we may be able to recover the system or at least your important data.

For laptop PC's we offer upgrades for memory and hard drives, also to repair software damage e.g. software corruption or virus damage. Hardware repairs to laptop PC's can be arranged. 

Please get in touch with  us by clicking here and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.