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Networks For The Small To Medium Business/Charity

We advise on, supply, and offer management and monitoring for IT solutions to suit the the small to medium sized business.

From the organisation with only one computer up to the more complex needs of the larger organisation, we can help keep your IT systems running smoothly.

For the business which has its own network of inter-connected computers but, is not quite ready to step up to a server solution there is online hosting to provide email facilities, document sharing/collaboration and, optionally, CRM. This allows access to documents etc by remote workers and can help improve productivity in the business.

Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials - This soon to be launched productivity solution designed for up to 25 users. It is a combination solution of a physical server in your premises offering file storage, user authentication, remote access, backup & disaster recovery, while e-mail, document sharing and CRM applications are offered as online hosted solutions integrating with the on-premise solution.

If you have up to 75 users then Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard is the solution designed to give you email, internal websites, collaboration, backup & disaster recovery, file & printer sharing all in one package, at considerably less than it would cost to deploy all these applications individually.

To support line of business applications that are dependent on Microsoft SQL Server there is a Premium add-on available, for both Essentials & Standard, providing an additional Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard license as well as a SQL Server 2008 R2 for Small Business license to meet this need.

We also upgrade and repair desktop computers and servers, as well as laptop upgrades. Laptop repairs can be arranged.

For more information on our business services, please click here to contact us.


Ask us about how you may keep costs down by using Microsoft volume licensing for your computer systems. Click here to submit your request.


Software License Audit

With this service we offer to validate the software applications installed on your computers against the physical license documents or invoices, to ensure that you are correctly licensed for the applications you are using.

By undertaking this check we can assist you to ensure that you do not become liable for any fines or penalties for using unlicensed or unauthorised software. Click here to find out more.



This is our service providing monitoring of your IT systems and network, to allow for pro-active management to diagnose and, where possible fix problems, often before you are aware that you have a problem. Most problems can be dealt with remotely and, we are also able to control computers remotely, allowing us to efficiently take your staff through the steps to resolve situations with which they may be unable to deal with.

By utilising our IT management services, we can help you be sure that your investment in IT continues to operate in the most efficient manner. A minor detail can easily be dealt with before it becomes a major problem and, you can get on with running your business. After all, you have invested in your IT equipment to improve your business processes so, it makes sense to ensure that you continue to get the best return on your investment.

We have various options, starting with the basic monitoring only service up to remote management, updating, fault resolution and housekeeping of your Microsoft based Servers and Workstations. Click here to find out more about this service.


Business Continuity

Or put another way, being able to carry on your business after a severe disruption or major disaster.

Each solution is different depending on the type and size of business. The level of risk involved also has a large bearing on any suggested solution to enable a business to carry on running after say, a major water leak or perhaps a major electrical failure.

We can advise on mitigation to reduce the effect of certain occurences e.g. surge protection for power supplies, battery backup power etc

However useful the above solutions are, one thing that is most important to any business is having a reliable, tested backup of critical information, as well as a proven backup strategy in place before disaster strikes.

To enquire about our advice assisting to protect the IT infrastructure of your business, please submit your details on our contact form by clicking here, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.